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People matter. Results count

People matter…. Just recently heard this slogan again in a radio-commercial of a big IT company. Am I the only one who feels not just a little bit offended by it?! Does anybody agree that […]

Jun, 08

Insights and imagination

Delivering inspiration. Two articles collided in my mind. One was on the merits of a new social app, KnowMe and one was the TacoBell initiative to reward students who’s talents do not lie in academics […]

Jan, 24

Individuality Matters!

“Individual(n) — a single human being as distinct from a group, class, or family.” It is (relatively) easy to be an individual on a micro level. That’s the level where you can simply be you. The big […]

Jan, 03

Human interaction

We humans have found interesting new ways of communicating with each other. The virtual ways have to a large extent replaced the real thing. Yet, was the real thing truly remarkable?! Was the face to […]

Nov, 17

The end of…

What’s in it for me?! It has been the most asked question in marketing and strategy departments around the globe the past decade. The answer was what needed to be done in terms of positioning, […]

Aug, 18

Laughing at change

Laughing people more easily accept change! Watching John Cleese telling anecdotes is fun to say the least. But within this he said something that truly triggered me. He retold an anecdote from his interview with […]

Dec, 29

Ambition of fear

Ambition of the next utopia Fear has been with us since the earliest of days of mankind. Fear was needed to fight or flight the dangers facing us. But what are the dangers of our (western) […]

Sep, 28


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