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The Kindness of One

Our project on the story from WW2 is currently on show in the Jewish Museum of Florida, Miami as part of the ArtBasel Miami. A story about how one person can make a life-changing difference […]

Dec, 16 · in Thoughts


De komende minuten wil ik het graag met u hebben over de inertie in onze maatschappij, in onze systemen en in ons eigen gedrag. Inertie; de dikke van Dale zegt er over: traagheid, zelf vul […]

Aug, 23 · in General


A short contemplation and the very best wishes for 20|21

Dec, 23

New words

We need new words. With the second lockdown in full swing, we need even more positivism to keep on going, to keep a way of open mindedness as not to feel and realise the sad […]

Nov, 26

Inter-vidual, not individual

“Inter–vidual: …the person who knows that only by connection with others, we as individuals will be able to bring about the change needed for our world and our society” The past decades a lot has […]

Nov, 17

From generation to mentality thinking

Just challenge yourself. How many articles have you read about generation thinking; the Millenials, Generation Z etc and how many on mentality thinking? Too often generation thinking is an easy way to categorise and aim […]

Nov, 09

Opinions. So much (for) opinions

It is perhaps the fashionable disease of our time; the opinion. An opinion is really the least you should have. About everything and above all about everyone. Without an opinion you don’t count, you’re the […]

Oct, 21

Rene W. van Hulst

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