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Our world is slowly but surely changing. We need to. It’s simple. My passion goes into provoking and facilitating organisations to make that much needed change. Trained as brand-strategist I developed into a holistic strategist covering much more than the brand alone. Finding common ground in the identity of the organisation and rebuilding from the passion of the people. This goes for profit and non-profit alike. Love it when the combination of creativity, strategy and entrepreneurship brings a whole new horizon for all involved. Especially if this is disruptively different from what we are used to.

Seeing, observing, thinking, contemplating and feeling. From all of this input, I support organizations to develop new strategies, new ideas, new solutions and/or new cooperations. All at the intersection of strategy, innovation and culture. Based on my  experience in international marketing & communication as well as in the world of creative brand consulting, the challenge is to do so in ways that fit the identity of the organization as well as the capabilities of the people forming it.

As an entrepreneur I see opportunities where others only see difficulties. But I know from first hand experience that it is as important to take the employees along on the road of the intended change. In this way organizations, their brands and it’s people are able to fulfill their true potential.

Nothing happens in splendid isolation. Sharing simply leads to new ideas and richer opportunities. That’s why combining a set of fresh (yet experienced) eyes with the existing eyes of the organization often leads to better results. Finding new ways is only one part of the challenge. Implementation is the other crucial element for success. And that requires that people are not only informed but also inspired and above all involved. And that combination is reflected in the products and tools I use.

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