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This article was written on 24 Jan 2016, and is filled under Thoughts, Vision.

Insights and imagination

Delivering inspiration.

Two articles collided in my mind. One was on the merits of a new social app, KnowMe and one was the TacoBell initiative to reward students who’s talents do not lie in academics or sports. For these students they created a new fund of 1 million dollar, because: “many people who make a real impact on the world don’t fall neatly in those two boxes.”

The KnowMe app was build on a purpose; on the general concept that people want to be understood – they want to be known. That doesn’t necessarily mean they want to be famous – they want to be known for who they are-. Both initiatives bare resemblance beyond the first sight.

One is that they both come from true finds in human insights. An insight that is unique and relevant and goes above and beyond the superficial but strikes right through the head into the heart.
The second one is that they both aim for the human demands for recognition. For being heard, for seeing what the impact of the individual can be. As such it is a statement for the unconventional, for the other ones, for those who don’t have the talents to go the well known roads, who do it their way.

And whether you put these insights into an app or a foundation doesn’t matter so much, the drive behind them are true statements of insights and imagination.

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