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This article was written on 03 Jan 2016, and is filled under Actual, Opinion, Thoughts.

Individuality Matters!

“Individual(n) — a single human being as distinct from a group, class, or family.”

It is (relatively) easy to be an individual on a micro level. That’s the level where you can simply be you. The big challenges comes from moving up the levels. Are you still you on a macro-level?! Or do you adjust to the specific context of that level to survive?! Just question yourself!

Being an individual is being who you really are without hiding the truth.
An individual is someone who does what they believe in, despite what everyone might think; taking a step forward in life and not making people take you three steps back. It is having enough confidence to stand up for yourself even though you know someone won’t be there to back you up. Almost like being a rebel, a rebel that does the right thing.

This little piece was written by somebody anonymous on the web, yet it fulfils every inch of being a true individual; the rebel who goes against the common perspective if it doesn’t fit his individuality.

Now think about your own organisation! Does it have the same rebel approach to safeguarding its individuality?! Does it speak out when needed or does it swirl with the common opinion?! Just imagine what it would do for its customers! Outspoken, true, reliable, authentic, somebody to love (or to hate…. yet you can’t be everything to everybody!) Curious what would happen to its profitability?! Let’s say that at least your own employees will be working at a more happy, fulfilling place and with every 1% increase of employee satisfaction, the bottom line of the organisation grows by at least 2,5%.
Shall we give it a go in 2016?!


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