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The Kindness of One

Our project on the story from WW2 is currently on show in the Jewish Museum of Florida, Miami as part of the ArtBasel Miami. A story about how one person can make a life-changing difference […]

Dec, 16

New words

We need new words. With the second lockdown in full swing, we need even more positivism to keep on going, to keep a way of open mindedness as not to feel and realise the sad […]

Nov, 26

Opinions. So much (for) opinions

It is perhaps the fashionable disease of our time; the opinion. An opinion is really the least you should have. About everything and above all about everyone. Without an opinion you don’t count, you’re the […]

Oct, 21

Human thoughts

We humans do not easily change our habits. Whether it is at the beginning of the year when we say to ourselves that we need to train more often or when adapting new processes at […]

Jan, 09

Status change

Status change is het nieuwe status quo. Verandering is simpelweg van alle tijd. Voeg daar een aantal fundamentele (vaak disruptieve) systeemveranderingen aan toe en het wordt voor geen enkele organisatie, in geen enkel vakgebied makkelijk […]

Jul, 19

Anew. That’s the key

Anew, that is the key and impossible is just an opinion. Our world is shaking. The economy is growing again, so we think the worst is behind us. Actually, the worst is yet to come. […]

Jun, 17

radical empathy

We all struggle to get to grips with the radical changes after the Trump election. Here is an excellent article from Naomi Klein on the backgrounds of the choices leading to this. One quote particularly […]

Nov, 13


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