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We don’t live in an era of change but in a change of era. The old systems simply don’t work anymore and the new systems are still in the process of development. In this transition chaos prevails, further enhanced by the financial crisis and the impending green crisis. The reason behind this is that we have build systems that don’t function anymore. They are too one-dimensionally aimed at growth, financial gain or short term financial results. Systems created in an era of industrialization, designed by the leaders who are trained and experienced in this type of know-how. This results in finding solutions for the systems imperfections that are rooted in the industrial school of thinking. Failures in control are repaired by even more control. And there is no incentive to do otherwise because it would mean giving up power and influence. That’s why we need new ways of thinking. New ways of interacting. New ways of connecting. New ways of defining value. So let’s get going!

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