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Ambition of fear

Ambition of the next utopia

Fear has been with us since the earliest of days of mankind. Fear was needed to fight or flight the dangers facing us. But what are the dangers of our (western) lives nowadays?! And how about ambition?! A driver which hasn’t been with us for too long. Ambition is often associated with our professional lives, with getting things done and thereby gaining more social status.

Yet the combination of fear and ambition has led in recent days to major crisis and blockbuster Hollywood movies. Think Gordon Gekko, the Wolf and more. Isn’t it high time that we as humans learn to master our fear and use our ambition for something more worthwhile than social status?!

Let’s start with the oldest driver, fear. Often our fear is for something which might happen in the future for which we have ample opportunity to either avoid or take measures (like insurance). So with that realisation we should ask ourselves what can we do today, or every other day, which is fuelled by our ambition and is aimed for a goal that is above and beyond our social status. A goal from which we might gain social status but then as a secondary effect only.

It’s a question only to be answered when each and every individual goes soul searching and finds his own true and authentic reason for being on this planet. And that’s a different route than the often propagated need for a new utopia. A grand big thought that would connect humans into a new direction. It is my belief that humans nowadays are only connected to other humans striving for the same goals in life. Small and reachable goals. Close to home and via the heart.

The new utopia is not a grand dream but the sum of all the small human dreams. Connected by the personal purposes of individuals.Making the world a better place to live. A place where fear is no longer needed.

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