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This article was written on 08 Jun 2016, and is filled under Actual, Thoughts.

People matter. Results count

People matter….

Just recently heard this slogan again in a radio-commercial of a big IT company. Am I the only one who feels not just a little bit offended by it?! Does anybody agree that in between is a missing word?! A three letter word?! A big, enormous BUT …. A but that truly gives a different meaning to this slogan, a meaning associated with the old capitalism type of thinking?!
I simply can’t get my head around this type of thinking, let alone communicating. Do companies still don’t truly understand that it’s always the people that make the difference. That their positive spirit and drive gives deliver these results?! When your crew is only 1% more positive, the bottom line grows at least 2,5 times!
The other thing about this slogan is that in the new reality it is not about either/or. It’s about and/and. People and results in terms of economical and ecological and social benefits. So next time they need a slogan, they better get their priorities right; results only count when people and planet matter equally.

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