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This article was written on 18 Aug 2015, and is filled under Opinion, Thoughts.

The end of…

What’s in it for me?!
It has been the most asked question in marketing and strategy departments around the globe the past decade. The answer was what needed to be done in terms of positioning, value proposition etc etc. And I think we need to officially declare this question dead. Send it to its well-deserved grave. Why?! Simply because it is the most hedonistic and selfish question one can ask. So it deserves to end. Because the selfish approach has brought our systems to a screeching stop and we can’t continue this way. Our planet doesn’t support it anymore. We should re-frame it. Think from the principles of ICU (I see you – I hear you – I connect to you) and the question becomes something like: What’s it I can do for your betterness.
The unselfish connection to somebody else. Without the need for getting something out of this interaction in return. Because only by putting somebody else purpose before your own interest are you able to create betterness in our society. Betterness because we are not aiming for a profit but for the better human feeling of inter-connectedness.

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