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Seriously small ideas

The power of ideas Crisis can only change our behaviours when there are new ideas to turn to. Without new ideas, people tend to stick to their own perceptions rather than change their way of viewing the […]

Sep, 15

Disruptive difference

Disruptive difference is double difficult. Different is already something we humans don’t like. Different is not good, because when things are not to our liking, don’t fall within our internal parameters of value and acceptability, […]

Sep, 07

Songlines of change

Tom Waits knows how to express his view on life in the most beautiful song texts. And he is so right. In his words he shows us that we have past a invisible threshold and only […]

Sep, 04

The art of foresight

Foresight, knowing what is coming up in the near future or as we know it now, the art of trend-watching. One of the best trendwachters of earlier days was apparently Salvador Dali. Came across an […]

Aug, 29

The certainty of not knowing

Certainty in life is only the death. The rest is uncertain. Yet, we are trained to avoid risk. Our entire life we want to avoid risk. Go and find a decent job. It provides the […]

Aug, 21

Innovation is elsewhere

Innovation is not to be found within the walls of your company alone. Innovation is elsewhere. Simply because true innovation breaks with the rules of the game or defines a new game. And we all […]

Aug, 17

Branding nowadays

Branding new style Branding is in the same twilight zone as many organisation are. The industrial line of thinking in terms of brand-key definitions only give the impression of control. We know often from experience that […]

Aug, 15


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