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Design for real

A little sideline story caught my attention. It was an inside perspective on design by Apple. From the outside we all see a company where design is crucial. Not only in the physical product but […]

May, 23


According to Ricardo Semler, the Brazilian entrepreneur, we are entering the era of wisdom. Wisdom is not about rules, instructions, best practices etc. It is all about intuitive decision making based on long term balanced […]

May, 06

Jobs of tomorrow

Futurist Thomas Fey of the Da Vinci institute has been thinking long and hard about the jobs of the future. The downside is that until that time 2 billion jobs will disappear. Underneath the 50 […]

Apr, 27

The art of sharing

We need new systems. The internet already gave us some direction but we still need to remember that systems is all about mentality. The mentality of a one dimensional focus on success resulted in a […]

Mar, 23

The key to better

Happiness, the lighthearted feeling. The bright and energetic side of life. The counterpart of reason. Their difference is immense. Happiness is contagious and fuels your creativity to find a solution for whatever situation you are […]

Feb, 03


Skating on water. For us Dutch a very common thing. Provided the water is frozen. But I have seen it with my own eyes. Skating on fluid water. The metal was replaced with something of […]

Dec, 29

Happy state

Happiness. Something we all want. As a permanent state of being instead of the short feeling in the spur of a moment. And not only in our private life but also at work. And there […]

Dec, 25


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