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This article was written on 23 Mar 2014, and is filled under Actual, Ideology, Opinion, Thoughts, Vision.

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The art of sharing

We need new systems. The internet already gave us some direction but we still need to remember that systems is all about mentality. The mentality of a one dimensional focus on success resulted in a mentality of greed for few and poverty for most. And with it the upcoming death of capitalism. As said, the internet already provided the structure for what appears to be a new system; ‘ a sharing economy‘.
Sharing goods, property, thoughts and know how. All free to use, to add to and to build upon. It makes a hell of a difference for our environmental problems but also provides it the social glue we as human beings need. Reading the musings of somebody across the world inspires and reflects upon your own doings. Together you can build or rebuild something which makes you happy and fulfilled. Isn’t that what live is all about?! Sharing to receive?! The moment you learn something, you turn around and teach it to others. In such a way that both benefit from it. That’s not economy. That’s humanomy!

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