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Year of empathy

Empathy, a ‘new’ concept, seems to be everywhere these days. New Year, new ideas, new ways etc. The new, newer newest seems to be the thing of today. Digging a little deeper than you see that people seem […]

Jan, 06

Invoice from Mother Nature

We all know that without Mother Nature, life on this planet would be horrible to say the least. We also know that we over-use her resources by far. Now what would happen if Mother Nature […]

Nov, 21

Left- & right brain

A dear friend of mine published his book, de Directiefluisteraar, last month. Consisting of dialogues with right brain thinkers to learn their ways around the world and make them available for the remainder of the […]

Feb, 26


Our current time is demanding leadership. Actually, are there still leaders in the true sense of the word?! Or is it that we need a complete different type of leadership. Not the one with the […]

Jan, 24

Innovation is elsewhere

Innovation is not to be found within the walls of your company alone. Innovation is elsewhere. Simply because true innovation breaks with the rules of the game or defines a new game. And we all […]

Aug, 17

Branding nowadays

Branding new style Branding is in the same twilight zone as many organisation are. The industrial line of thinking in terms of brand-key definitions only give the impression of control. We know often from experience that […]

Aug, 15

Different III

The third installment in the series of dutch -dare to be different-. In this issue they explain their vision of a new energy deal; dutch energy cooperation. A way in which consumers become producers and […]

Jun, 24


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