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This article was written on 23 May 2014, and is filled under Actual, Ideology, Vision.

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Design for real

A little sideline story caught my attention. It was an inside perspective on design by Apple. From the outside we all see a company where design is crucial. Not only in the physical product but especially in the user experience. Until now, what organizations did was hire designers to bring design into the offerings. A logical thought. When you need a capability, you simply hire them. Internal or external. However, in this way design only stays superficial, just one element in the mix. Consequently, you see many offerings where design is a slim layer on top of….. Bring in the Apple inside view: if you want to excel and succeed on the factor design build a culture where design is top of mind with each and everyone. Not just the designer but also the mechanical engineer and even the HR department who only hires people (irrespective of the function) who use design as a decisive element in everything they do…. Again a great example of the importance of consciously building the culture that fits your ambition!

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