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This article was written on 06 May 2014, and is filled under Ideology, Opinion, Vision.

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According to Ricardo Semler, the Brazilian entrepreneur, we are entering the era of wisdom. Wisdom is not about rules, instructions, best practices etc. It is all about intuitive decision making based on long term balanced benefits. An that’s a hard thing to do for most companies.┬áMost still go for short term. Go by the book of rules, wearing out the steps that define them. Conservative yes, very!. But what is conservative else than a variation of fear! Letting go is fearful. But when paired with discipline and responsibility, it is the key to growth, to passionate employees. Letting go is for management. Picking up responsibility is for employees. Or in a variation of Nike, Just do it: your own way. Learn from it and adjust. Your own leadership. Your own questioning what you can add to the company. That’s leadership in the 21st C.

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