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This article was written on 09 Jan 2018, and is filled under Actual, Thoughts.

Human thoughts

We humans do not easily change our habits.
Whether it is at the beginning of the year when we say to ourselves that we need to train more often or when adapting new processes at our work; change doesn’t come easily. There is however a logical explanation to this. Check out the following perspective.

We humans have about 50.000 Р60.000 thoughts per day running through our mind. Of this enormous amount 98% is the same as yesterday or the day before. That means if we want to change our habits, our way of being we need to do something about the enormous amount of same thoughts we have. We need to increase the 2% to a much bigger number. And the only way to do so is to be fully aware of this mechanism and feel confident about the environment you live and work in as well as confident about yourself.

So this is a wake-up call to all of us human beings.
Create safe and confident environments for people to have different thoughts everyday. And be aware that these people might appear insecure but are actually extending their percentage new thoughts!


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