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This article was written on 17 Jun 2017, and is filled under Thoughts, Vision.

Anew. That’s the key

Anew, that is the key and impossible is just an opinion.

Our world is shaking. The economy is growing again, so we think the worst is behind us. Actually, the worst is yet to come. Immigration, climate, European cooperation just to name a few are demanding us humans too find new ways.

The old system will simply stop functioning yet the reflexes of it are still strong. And all these seemingly different challenges are on second thought intertwined through the most intricate details resulting in a masterpiece of Escher-like dimensions. Impossible is nothing, but we as humans need to do something which is extremely difficult. We need to let go of our privileges of our ‘goodies’ and accept that because there is no planet B there is also no plan B. We need to embrace the fact that today is today and we don’t know anything about tomorrow; letting go of these apparent ‘securities’. They are false and will not help to find the solutions needed.

Because we are still social beings, we need to find new tribes, groups or movements that we feel comfortable with in going through this journey of change. Like minded people, to go through this rocky journey of letting go and embracing change. Not the populist tribes who infuse us with the radical stories by building castles to keep other people out. Tribes that embrace equality, diversity and are driven by empathy. Those tribes can build new systems, new democracies, new ways of sustaining our planet.

Can you and I build such a tribe?! Let’s start small, just with our neighbours, our communities. Bottom up, because there is no other way. There are no institutions anymore because all these institutions can’t do what we humans need to do; say goodbye to our ‘certainties’ and start anew.

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