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This article was written on 16 Dec 2022, and is filled under Thoughts.

The Kindness of One

Our project on the story from WW2 is currently on show in the Jewish Museum of Florida, Miami as part of the ArtBasel Miami. A story about how one person can make a life-changing difference for people unknown. Simply by signing a piece of paper (a visa) both the Dutch consul Jan Zwartendijk as his Japanese colleague China Sugihara, gave over 6.000 Jews the opportunity to flee from Lithuania.

A project we started in 2016 and first presented in 2018, which is still so valid in our world. With the upcoming festive days it is also a time of reflection and consideration. Just think about what you can do to help somebody else. Even if it is as simple as signing a mere piece of paper. Only when we all find a new form of togetherness, will we be able to conquer the great challenges ahead!

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