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This article was written on 21 Oct 2020, and is filled under General, Opinion, Thoughts.

Opinions. So much (for) opinions

It is perhaps the fashionable disease of our time; the opinion. An opinion is really the least you should have. About everything and above all about everyone. Without an opinion you don’t count, you’re the weaker one. Doubt, unfortunately, is completely out of the question. Anyone who is in doubt is actually not worth a blink of an eye, even an inferior person….

Whereas it is precisely now that doubt is needed. Our great story as a society has come to an end. The meritocracy has bridged the gap between the elite and ordinary people deep and wide. If you are not successful then you have done it wrong. While success, especially now that it is measured in money, is very doubtful and not devoid of deep selfishness.

It is precisely the questioning of opinions, precisely the doubt, that creates the space together to create new images. A new story for a new time. In which everyone’s contribution to society is respected and valued. Not the financial value, but the added value of the crucial professions, the crafts, the addition to the world in which we live together.

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