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Inter-vidual, not individual

“Inter–vidual: …the person who knows that only by connection with others, we as individuals will be able to bring about the change needed for our world and our society” The past decades a lot has […]

Nov, 17

From generation to mentality thinking

Just challenge yourself. How many articles have you read about generation thinking; the Millenials, Generation Z etc and how many on mentality thinking? Too often generation thinking is an easy way to categorise and aim […]

Nov, 09

Opinions. So much (for) opinions

It is perhaps the fashionable disease of our time; the opinion. An opinion is really the least you should have. About everything and above all about everyone. Without an opinion you don’t count, you’re the […]

Oct, 21

Long time quiet, high time to speak up

It has been quiet on my part, so high time to speak up! About what I see happening in our world and my ideas about possible solutions. It’s a radio column I did last Sunday, […]

Oct, 20

Strange old thinking

Strange. Very strange. Even today, when the signs for a new reality are omnipresent, there are still too many of us living and thinking in the old paradigm. Today new research was published with the headline: […]

Jan, 18

Year of empathy

Empathy, a ‘new’ concept, seems to be everywhere these days. New Year, new ideas, new ways etc. The new, newer newest seems to be the thing of today. Digging a little deeper than you see that people seem […]

Jan, 06

Individuality Matters!

“Individual(n) — a single human being as distinct from a group, class, or family.” It is (relatively) easy to be an individual on a micro level. That’s the level where you can simply be you. The big […]

Jan, 03


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