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This article was written on 09 Nov 2020, and is filled under Ideology, Opinion.

From generation to mentality thinking

Just challenge yourself. How many articles have you read about generation thinking; the Millenials, Generation Z etc and how many on mentality thinking? Too often generation thinking is an easy way to categorise and aim our thinking or worst… hope for the needed change in our world to come from the newer generations.

In 2009 we introduced the idea of 4G.
Way before it became synonymous with the mobile phone industry we launched the idea to build discussion groups of 4 generations, who together shared their ideas on how we would bring about the change we all saw was needed. Aimed at 2020 as the year when it should have happend… It would bring the youth together with the wisdom, the current rulers with future etc. Together we might create the right mentality to bring the change about.

Almost 11 years later and at the end of 2020.
we still think in generations, we still think that the next generation will do the job. But how can they do the job if the current -older- leaders are not involved, not interested (short term thinking) and don’t share the same mentality of change.

We see the tsunami of needed change on our doorstep, change that will unfold a new society for all of us. A society based a.o. on planet before people and people before profit. A society driven by the mentality of change with benefits for all. That mentality will be the drive for a community of conscious, collaborative people willing and able to investigate new ways, persistent to keep searching if first results fall through. Simply because they see there is no other way forward.

As we said in 2009; let’s unfold a new reality!
Let’s move from generation to mentality thinking!

By the way, we did continue from 2009 onwards to drive change. It has cumulated in a new initiative called NewReal. The new reality being defined in concrete domains. We’ll keep you posted!

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