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Invoice from Mother Nature

We all know that without Mother Nature, life on this planet would be horrible to say the least. We also know that we over-use her resources by far. Now what would happen if Mother Nature […]

Nov, 21

Up shit creek?!

Are we up shit creek because our leaders have a high shit-value or is it because we have been too unfocussed and too uncommitted to notice?! The signals have been with us for a long […]

Aug, 19

The end of…

What’s in it for me?! It has been the most asked question in marketing and strategy departments around the globe the past decade. The answer was what needed to be done in terms of positioning, […]

Aug, 18

Culture & energy transition

Culture is a strange phenomena. It’s the (un-)written rules of how we as society live together. Guess what?! The way we use energy has enormous influence on the way our society and therefore our culture […]

Aug, 04

Culture open source

Your culture. How many organisations in the world still struggle with this concept. This intangible thing that apparently brings so much value but is damn difficult to control. Well, there is one of your problems. […]

Jul, 15

Storytelling died?!

Storytelling is hot. For apparent good reasons. Now recent research has shown that we humans of the 21st century have an average attention span of only 8.25 seconds. Even shorter than the goldfish in your bowl which manages […]

Jul, 03

Big data. Big change?

Big data. So much big words are being said about it. Unfortunately with so little meaning. Obviously, big data drives technological change. Change unthinkable before the internet restructured our societies. Yet there is one but. A big […]

Mar, 10


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