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This article was written on 17 Nov 2020, and is filled under General, Ideology, Opinion.

Inter-vidual, not individual

the person who knows that only by connection with others, we as individuals will be able to bring about the change needed for our world and our society”

The past decades a lot has revolved around you and me as an individual. About becoming the best version of yourself. In itself not at all a bad concept, unless becoming the best means at the expense of others. And unfortunately, that is what the past has been all about. A ‘rat-race’ to the top with associated ‘bling-bling’ to underline your success. In this way individual unfortunately has become synonym with egoism or egocentric. As long as I’m doing ok, what the other is concerned; I don’t really care…. The same attitude as in business, competitors need to be beaten and if they run into problems…we will leave that to the ‘market’.

If ever, the past months have once again underlined that this is a dead-end street. We only get there, if we all get there… If we want to change as society aiming for a better world, we need to reconsider our connections to the other. Without the other, all of us doesn’t exist and the world becomes the hostile place we have so often come to see and experience…

So let’s introduce a new concept.
The idea of a connected individual, the inter-vidual. Who in conjunction with others strives for a live with benefits for all. And by doing so becomes the best version of him-/herself. For starters, egoism is replaced by connectionism and capitalism by altruism. Doing good for another is still the most intrinsic reward a human can receive. So as an inter-vidual; doing good for oneself can’t be done without doing good for another. And that mechanism could be a starting point for rebuilding our world.

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