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This article was written on 18 Jan 2016, and is filled under Actual, Opinion.

Strange old thinking

Strange. Very strange.

Even today, when the signs for a new reality are omnipresent, there are still too many of us living and thinking in the old paradigm. Today new research was published with the headline: 5 million jobs will be lost because of the 4th industrial revolution.

Focal point of the study is that through robotising, the growth of the nano-technology, artificial intelligence and 3d printers, the labour market will change dramatically. Resulting in 7,1 million jobs to be lost by 2020 with only 2,1 million new jobs created. For every 5 jobs lost by women only 1 will be created, whereby man are still better of with 1 job created for every 3 lost.

So we are stil thinking in the old paradigm of the industrial revolution. More and more efficiency in chains that will become obsolete by the simple fact that the efficient will cut out so many jobs that there will be an ever decreasing customer base able to buy your products…. Talking about efficient…..

What the researchers did understand is that everybody will need to invest in new capabilities first and foremost. I would like to add that we should start with perception first. The old days of employment -how short even- are obsolete. We will need to get adjusted to a much more flexible way of working; entrepreneurial first and foremost. Employees will need to take their own destiny as ‘capability unit’ into their own hands and sell this to the most interested other. Only in this way the value added by both is worth paying a considerable sum of money for….

Knowing how difficult this is to achieve for a soloist, it is here where the ecosystem thinking comes in. Like minded people working for like minded purposes. Sharing the wealth created above and beyond the basic income everybody agrees when becoming part of this ecosystem. But also bringing about the opportunity to collectively provide an insurance for when people are not able to put their value in. These are not companies anymore, but the flocking together of like minded people with different capabilities to deliver the value required by the system. To move on when their value is added…

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