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Left- & right brain

A dear friend of mine published his book, de Directiefluisteraar, last month. Consisting of dialogues with right brain thinkers to learn their ways around the world and make them available for the remainder of the […]

Feb, 26

The power of money

Money can’t buy you happiness political influence! We all know this saying. Harvard Business School just published a study which falls in the heated debat started by the studies of Thomas Picketty, who describes the strong divide between […]

Dec, 07

Doubt? #DoDoubt

When in doubt, do without. This is the old saying which doesn’t make the doubters among us terribly liked, supported or even applauded. It suggests that one should go into inaction and that’s what we […]

Nov, 14


Creativity: the ultimate competitive edge. Creativity is our only competitive advantage in the next decades. Two completely different professionals coming from two different angles explain why. First up, Daan Roosegaard. Technician with a poetic heart or […]

Oct, 20

Ambition of fear

Ambition of the next utopia Fear has been with us since the earliest of days of mankind. Fear was needed to fight or flight the dangers facing us. But what are the dangers of our (western) […]

Sep, 28

Seriously small ideas

The power of ideas Crisis can only change our behaviours when there are new ideas to turn to. Without new ideas, people tend to stick to their own perceptions rather than change their way of viewing the […]

Sep, 15

The art of foresight

Foresight, knowing what is coming up in the near future or as we know it now, the art of trend-watching. One of the best trendwachters of earlier days was apparently Salvador Dali. Came across an […]

Aug, 29


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