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Creativity: the ultimate competitive edge.

Creativity is our only competitive advantage in the next decades. Two completely different professionals coming from two different angles explain why. First up, Daan Roosegaard. Technician with a poetic heart or artist with a technical heart. Either way you choose to define him, the best thing is that he doesn’t allow himself to be confined by one category. His work and his inventions use the best practices available but combine them in a new way. Glow-in-the dark paint for the markings of a high way and the poetic van Gogh style surface of a bike-path. Existing technology adapted in a new way. Worldwide demand for this new product. Export opportunities in terms of value and not driven by costs.

The second professional is Jonathan Holslag. Belgian by birth, politician scientist by profession. His statement is that the only way for Europe to survive is by society making a step change. A next level based on quality, tast and joy. Simply stop using the cheap products from wherever but start making the best quality new products money can buy. Made by entrepreneurs who understand that their goal is not solely economic profit but it should be balanced with societal and ecological benefits as well.

For me these are the first signs that the world is going to experience a major change. Slowly but surely these square-thinkers (Rosegaard) and fresh-viewers are forming the frontrunners of change. And as we know from one of the other frontrunners (Jan Rotmans) it only takes about 35 dedicated people to bring the fundamental change our society needs. So decide for yourself; frontrunner or not. change or not. Just remember it is never the right time to take changes but it is the only way to be successful!

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