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This article was written on 26 Feb 2015, and is filled under Opinion, Vision.

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Left- & right brain

A dear friend of mine published his book, de Directiefluisteraar, last month. Consisting of dialogues with right brain thinkers to learn their ways around the world and make them available for the remainder of the left brain world. Here you can find his site. The problem with our current left- & right brain system can best be described by this finding from an UK survey:

Research amongst 300 UK business leaders tells us that 96% agree that creativity is important in business strategy. 51% believe it to be essential. But, despite this, 89% say that it is never discussed in board meetings, and 41% admit that no one is responsible for creativity in their business. It’s a fundamental paradox: why are business leaders refusing to do the thing that they know they most should?

I think that in the end of the day, left brainers do left brain things until provoked to use their right brains! And times are provoking to say the least. We know that the old systems are not providing the answers we as society need to solve the issues we are facing. Yet, it seems our provocation needs to be turned up a few notches to get the current left brain managers into motion. So get the “Directiefluisteraar” on board to start provoking!

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