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Songlines of change

Tom Waits knows how to express his view on life in the most beautiful song texts. And he is so right. In his words he shows us that we have past a invisible threshold and only […]

Sep, 04

Plan B?

Plan You! The changes we go through in business is affecting our plans. We figured we could build a stellar career or become somebody of importance but with the strong headwinds our plans appear to fall by […]

Aug, 06

The art of sharing

We need new systems. The internet already gave us some direction but we still need to remember that systems is all about mentality. The mentality of a one dimensional focus on success resulted in a […]

Mar, 23

Six words story

Came across my old book on the Six Words Memoirs. Appears still to be a lively subject with its own website! Just a few from the old book that stricked me: – Lived in moment. Until moment sucked – […]

Jan, 13

Happy state

Happiness. Something we all want. As a permanent state of being instead of the short feeling in the spur of a moment. And not only in our private life but also at work. And there […]

Dec, 25


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