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This article was written on 04 Sep 2014, and is filled under Actual, Thoughts.

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Songlines of change

Tom Waits knows how to express his view on life in the most beautiful song texts. And he is so right. In his words he shows us that we have past a invisible threshold and only by adapting our perception we can deliver the needed change. Simply because it is too much focussed on getting what we want, when we want it. And that’s the big dilemma. Are people challenging and changing their own behaviour or do we keep it more of getting what I want at the expense of others. When do we change?  When the other monkey puts his gun at us?! Or when we hear the silent voice of Mother Nature saying it is enough?! The definition of change is:  make or become different. So when we make things different, we become different. Let’s therefore start at what we do for a living and start changing what we make in such a way that Mother Nature silently says Thank You.

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