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This article was written on 24 Jan 2015, and is filled under Ideology, Vision.

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Our current time is demanding leadership.
Actually, are there still leaders in the true sense of the word?! Or is it that we need a complete different type of leadership. Not the one with the great visionary thoughts as these visions are often derived from the same thinking and know how that has goten mankind in the troubles experienced today. But which type of leadership do we need?!

When working on a mission statement, I tried to define this new type of leadership.
First step was from top down leadership to the bottom up leaders. Yet, I wanted more. I wanted to look for a more social type of ‘leadership’. The kind of ‘leader’ that makes every individual able to lead himself. Someone who sparks the individual and his talents to become who he or she truly is. And someone who was able to connect these talents to a mutual cause. And that has nothing to do with leading at all. Apparently, I was looking for something more out of the ordinary. Something out of the domain of leadership all together.

That’s why I came up with the concept of ‘pace makers’.
Just like a true pacemaker, it fires up little sparks in the heart to give the body the energy to do whatever it wants to do. Whatever it desires to do. Whenever. A pacemaker is thereby non-judgemental. Whatever is, is good at that moment. It is up to the individual to decide on his ambition, the use his talents, the interactions with his social context. Etc.

Yet if we see these pacemakers as a source of energy, when can all choose to direct that energy towards the issues mankind faces. If the individual feels inspired and motivated to do so, he or she can connect to like-minded individuals. Self-inspired, self-dependent but connected and sparked via pacemakers.

These pacemakers are true makers.
They ‘make’ continues sparks of energy that fire up other individuals. Some have chosen to spark their energy towards a visible improvement of their world. For others to see and to connect to. Think Ricardo Semler who only sparks his people to come up with their ideas and than let’s them do it, learn from it and adjust accordingly.

Those pacemakers are actually non-leaders.
They simply open up a heart-felt perspective for others to embrace and spark these individuals to realise that perspective.

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