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This article was written on 15 Aug 2014, and is filled under Actual, Thoughts, Vision.

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Branding nowadays

Branding new style

Branding is in the same twilight zone as many organisation are. The industrial line of thinking in terms of brand-key definitions only give the impression of control. We know often from experience that we don’t own the brand and can only control so little. So instead of forcing even more control, lets embrace that fact. See branding in the light of open source. As the frame to put meaning and purpose across, as a platform to co-create with all stakeholders without the old distinction of inside and outside. The brand is the vehicle for bringing people near to you and the organisation. It’s accepting uncertainty yet drive the relationship from the core of your brand, the core of your identity, the core of everything you do to fulfil the purpose of your organisation. This means that each and everybody is part of the story of your brand. Not just you as a brand manager. The brand should provide the guides for these stories by focussing on the true purpose of your organisation. A purpose for others to feel connected too in such a way that they do indeed become the tellers of your story.

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