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Different III

The third installment in the series of dutch -dare to be different-. In this issue they explain their vision of a new energy deal; dutch energy cooperation. A way in which consumers become producers and […]

Jun, 24

Slow money

There is a big divide in the world of business. On the one hand, people dig and deploy glass-fibre networks. Simply to be able to beat the buy and sell orders on the stock exchange […]

May, 18

Different II

It is still non-typical. Entrepreneurs that not only say but actually do! And put into the DNA of their organization the necessity that their business should be economical, social and environmental profitable. Fortunately there is a […]

May, 06


Why keep working in your own silo when connecting to others is much more inspiring, rewarding, challenging and not only provides change of scenery for you but could also help youngster with less fortunate prospects to  gain […]

Apr, 04


A new economic reality is approaching quickly on the waves of the financial and ecological crisis. An economic reality which needs organizations to re-evaluate their reason for being. To go back into their roots and […]

Feb, 07


According to the dictionary resonance is the reflection of sound on or from a surface. But we do not use this concept for the reflection of our words, although these are also mere sounds… With […]

Feb, 05

The value of failure

Failure has a negative stigma. Failure doesn’t buy you any social credits. Failure is something which we do not discuss openly. And that is strange. It appears that we do not have any room for […]

Jan, 06


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