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A new economic reality is approaching quickly on the waves of the financial and ecological crisis. An economic reality which needs organizations to re-evaluate their reason for being. To go back into their roots and […]

Feb, 07


According to the dictionary resonance is the reflection of sound on or from a surface. But we do not use this concept for the reflection of our words, although these are also mere sounds… With […]

Feb, 05

The key to better

Happiness, the lighthearted feeling. The bright and energetic side of life. The counterpart of reason. Their difference is immense. Happiness is contagious and fuels your creativity to find a solution for whatever situation you are […]

Feb, 03

Re-wired; the fun of a no-structure structure

Everything we look at or think about is put into our little mind-boxes and given a predesigned mental stamp. That’s the way we keep track of the ever changing world. Unfortunately the boxes and stamps […]

Dec, 29


Skating on water. For us Dutch a very common thing. Provided the water is frozen. But I have seen it with my own eyes. Skating on fluid water. The metal was replaced with something of […]

Dec, 29

Ideology identity

Identity is a continuous changing construct of ideas, convictions and conceptions. And the process starts from your roots. From the moment you as an organization decide to become something, to do something or to change […]

Dec, 16


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