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Creativity: the ultimate¬†competitive edge. Creativity is our only competitive advantage in the next decades. Two completely different professionals coming from two different angles explain why. First up, Daan Roosegaard. Technician with a poetic heart or […]

Oct, 20

Disruptive difference

Disruptive difference is double difficult. Different is already something we humans don’t like. Different is not good, because when things are not to our liking, don’t fall within our internal parameters of value and acceptability, […]

Sep, 07


Some people will never get it. Just a few understand but still have the issue of persuading all the others. Yes, people are not mere resources. They determine the difference between succes or failure. Between […]

Jul, 06

Design for real

A little sideline story caught my attention. It was an inside perspective on design by Apple. From the outside we all see a company where design is crucial. Not only in the physical product but […]

May, 23

Different II

It is still non-typical. Entrepreneurs that not only say but actually do! And put¬†into the DNA of their organization the necessity that their business should be economical, social and environmental profitable. Fortunately there is a […]

May, 06


According to Ricardo Semler, the Brazilian entrepreneur, we are entering the era of wisdom. Wisdom is not about rules, instructions, best practices etc. It is all about intuitive decision making based on long term balanced […]

May, 06

The art of sharing

We need new systems. The internet already gave us some direction but we still need to remember that systems is all about mentality. The mentality of a one dimensional focus on success resulted in a […]

Mar, 23


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