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This article was written on 19 Aug 2015, and is filled under Actual, Opinion.

Up shit creek?!

Are we up shit creek because our leaders have a high shit-value or is it because we have been too unfocussed and too uncommitted to notice?! The signals have been with us for a long time. Even recently! Just look on one hand at the immigrants debate or at the climate warnings and at the other hand new systems of togetherness are blossoming. Our leaders unfortunately come from the days of control and direct so when more trouble arose at the horizon they did more of the same; so even more control and direct. And in that process completely forgot about the human values of self-development, responsibility and commitment. Or even the principle of sharing is caring driving new initiatives bottom up!

So do we need new leaders? Yes we do! And…. we need to do it ourselves! Become leaders ourselves. Based on our own inner compass of compassion and empathy. Of trust and togetherness. we all need to become ONE. One with our self and one with each other. Oneness is a nice phrase for it. Yet it requires a lot of energy, dedication and self-reflection. It is the only paddle to get us out of shit creek. Fortunately!

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