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This article was written on 28 Nov 2014, and is filled under Actual, Ideology.

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Entrepreneurs United

Entrepreneurs needed! Now!

Everybody knows the feeling. Saying Yes means opportunities. Saying NO brings standstill. What to do as a business owner or entrepreneur? You have your ideas, see the opportunities but there is no bank willing (or even able for that matter) to support you. The economy of new initiatives has come to a grinding halt. So now what?! Let’s gather. Let’s connect based on our mentality. Based on our spirit of getting things done. Not because we need yet another lobby to defend our interests in a system which is already collapsed. Let’s build ourselves a new system. And let’s do it in such a way that we all benefit. Socially, economically and environmentally. All in one. Because our mentality can deliver the changes our society needs. So no longer within the old derelict systems anymore… This is the basic concept behind Handelsraad. A cooperation of entrepeneurs. For with and by!To find new ways of building business with a future for all involved.

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