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This article was written on 05 Nov 2017, and is filled under Actual, General.

Compliment or necessity?

When you are in the same program* as Kofi Annan, Thomas Rau or Daan Roosegaarde, just to mention a few… that is already a big compliment. When the organisation than asks for three of your workshops because there are so much people signing up, there is another big compliment. Although, when you look at it from another perspective, it might also be that the topic and content of our workshop; the art of empathy, is what tempted people to sign up.

To be honest, judging from all the comments we have had so far on our project, we think that there are many more individuals who feel that our society has ended up in a dead-end street. That the divide between humans of different background or religion has become almost to big to cross and that we need to find ways to overcome this. In our workshop we try to add a little bit of our ideas to this issue by using art as a connector. We prepared a little magazine to work from with the participants and if you would like a copy, please let us know via an e-mail to hello [@]

*Coming week Amsterdam is host to the world congress of JCI, the Junior Chamber International. Organised around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, our project falls into the ‘equality’ part. Connected to this is the big WeDo2030 Festival which has all the aforementioned speakers. If you want there are still a few tickets available. Here is the link

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