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This article was written on 14 Dec 2019, and is filled under Actual, General.

Citylab Tilburg; a portfolio

Our three years of working with the citizens of Tilburg is drawing to an end. On the 31th of december we will hand over the keys to the municipality. Three years of wonderful projects, great discussions and beautiful works in the public domain. We have worked hard together with all stakeholders to bring an authentic new and bottom up process to a city and its citizens that deserves to live in an ever more wonderful surrounding.

Right from the poem by city-poet Onias Landveld to the new icons of the TilburgAns (the home-fonttype of Tilburg) and from the ideas of the Proatplek to the new Zandpoort. All started from a simple idea from a citizen.

We put together a digital magazine with all the learnings and projects, a number of podcasts with representatives of our major stakeholders and links to various films, reviews and alike. A true portfolio for the city of Tilburg. Here is the link

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