rene van hulst


This article was written on 20 Apr 2016, and is filled under Actual, Vision.


Will come. We know it, we need to. But change will most likely come from unexpected places! It will not be the big companies driving it. They are too stuck in their plays to maintain their power and position. Although they might try the latest hypes, their incumbent structure will always push people back into the corporate.

No, true change will come from a.o. this guy eating his lunch in our studio whilst building a wooden shed in the backyard. Owner of this small company, he was all into holocracy, read all the books and put it into practice. His motivation was simple and stunning; if I fall out of the proces, the proces should go on…. So no dependence on me for these guys to earn their living.

Also instead of paying for expensive insurances when unable to work, he figured their should be a more entrepreneurial way…. He bought the hangar next to his work, build a storage-centre in it and started running it. His only worries was the automation of the administration and from the fees he and his family could pay their bills. That’s the example that brings hope back. Hope that we will be able to change our ways as human beings. So lets jump!



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