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Undefined is what we feel after our first week of our Artist in Residence in Kaunas. What we learned?! Once again, nothing is what it appears to be. In Kaunas are we part of the East? Of […]

Nov, 27 · in General,Vision

radical empathy

We all struggle to get to grips with the radical changes after the Trump election. Here is an excellent article from Naomi Klein on the backgrounds of the choices leading to this. One quote particularly […]

Nov, 13 · in Ideology,Thoughts

People matter. Results count

People matter…. Just recently heard this slogan again in a radio-commercial of a big IT company. Am I the only one who feels not just a little bit offended by it?! Does anybody agree that […]

Jun, 08


Will come. We know it, we need to. But change will most likely come from unexpected places! It will not be the big companies driving it. They are too stuck in their plays to maintain their […]

Apr, 20

Insights and imagination

Delivering inspiration. Two articles collided in my mind. One was on the merits of a new social app, KnowMe and one was the TacoBell initiative to reward students who’s talents do not lie in academics […]

Jan, 24

Conversational commerce! Are you ready?

Conversational commerce Long time ago, brands communicated with their audiences via ads, TV commercials and alike. Broadcasting their message. Nowadays this broadcasting is also done via social media and social networks but still brands and […]

Jan, 20

Strange old thinking

Strange. Very strange. Even today, when the signs for a new reality are omnipresent, there are still too many of us living and thinking in the old paradigm. Today new research was published with the headline: […]

Jan, 18

Rene W. van Hulst

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