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This article was written on 20 Oct 2020, and is filled under Actual.

Kindness of One

The project the Kindness of One, inspired by a story from WWII, is a project together with Margaret Lansink (photography). It started in 2016 with an Artist Residency in Kaunas, Lithuania, followed by another Residency in Onishi, Japan in 2017 and resulted in a beautiful book, we thought at least….

Now we received even more recognition via an award as ‘Best Designed Book’ and is it on show at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and can even be bought in their little museumshop… How about that!! Very proud that our first attempt ended in such a beautiful product! Currently the exhibition is on show at the Embassy of Lithuania in the Hague…. If you want to order the book directly…. here is the link!

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