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Human interaction

We humans have found interesting new ways of communicating with each other. The virtual ways have to a large extent replaced the real thing. Yet, was the real thing truly remarkable?! Was the face to […]

Nov, 17

The power of money

Money can’t buy you happiness political influence! We all know this saying. Harvard Business School just published a study which falls in the heated debat started by the studies of Thomas Picketty, who describes the strong divide between […]

Dec, 07

Boring is creativity

How much do we actually know about creativity?! Not a whole lot. But what we do know is this. Focus and concentration doesn’t work. Boredom does! Because being bored means that a different part of […]

Jul, 24


Recent research in the Netherlands has revealed that the innovative power of the BV Nederland only for 25% is due to technological enhancements or investments in R&D. The remainder 75% is due to social innovation. […]

Feb, 28


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