rene van hulst

Jobs of tomorrow

Futurist Thomas Fey of the Da Vinci institute has been thinking long and hard about the jobs of the future. The downside is that until that time 2 billion jobs will disappear. Underneath the 50 […]

Apr, 27


They are different. A different type of consultants; resultants. Instead of giving advice from the sidelines, they go in and make their renumeration part of the result intended. dutch works from three drivers; inspiration – […]

Apr, 18


Why keep working in your own silo when connecting to others is much more inspiring, rewarding, challenging and not only provides change of scenery for you but could also help youngster with less fortunate prospects to  gain […]

Apr, 04


We all know Banksy. Provocative and inspirational street-artist. Perhaps he inspired a new generation of street artists because this is another one with a very distinctive style. Found in Los Angeles and a script-writer by […]

Apr, 04


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