rene van hulst

Re-wired; the fun of a no-structure structure

Everything we look at or think about is put into our little mind-boxes and given a predesigned mental stamp. That’s the way we keep track of the ever changing world. Unfortunately the boxes and stamps […]

Dec, 29


Skating on water. For us Dutch a very common thing. Provided the water is frozen. But I have seen it with my own eyes. Skating on fluid water. The metal was replaced with something of […]

Dec, 29

Happy state

Happiness. Something we all want. As a permanent state of being instead of the short feeling in the spur of a moment. And not only in our private life but also at work. And there […]

Dec, 25

Essential simplicity

In strategy there is only one rule and one rule only. Simplicity. If you can’t explain it simply, it isn’t comprehensible and people will not connect with it. Let alone work with it and tell […]

Dec, 23

Terminal seriousness….

This little video says it all. We need the human creativity and ingenuity to change the systems we live in and work with. Unfortunately, the same systems ‘force’ us to forget these two talents in […]

Dec, 20

Just so…

Yesterday evening. A new concert venue in Amsterdam, Splendor. The result of musicians taking matter into their own hands. Small, comfortable, inviting and as audience we felt part of the family. A family consisting of […]

Dec, 17

No meaning inside

Ever heard of the jargon-cyclus?! An organisation coins a certain word to describe a new way of thinking or operating. People start talking about this new concept. They share, comment or dispute it but than […]

Dec, 16


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